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So, You want to write a Book or you’ve got a manuscript and you are researching how to publish your book. First off, congratulations! You decided to write and publish a book, and now you’re following through with that goal. And you will achieve it.

This guide will concisely summarize the options you have and the steps to take. In just 5-10 minutes you will learn:

  1. The five steps to publishing a book
  2. How self-publishing differs from conventional commercial publishing
  3. How do-it-yourself compares to “assisted” self-publishing
  4. How Buckaru compares to the 5 biggest self-publishing companies
  5. Buckaru publishing options

Buckaru is unique in the industry because we are objective and neutral when it comes to recommending the best way to distribute your book.

Contact us and we will gladly give advice on the pros and cons of all the available options.

Please watch the following video to see why you need to write your own book and find out just how easy it actually is, and how we can help you do it.

For more information on how to Write and Publish your first book in 90 days, please use the contact form below to get more information. We can help you even if you have not started to write your first manuscript. All you need is an idea for a book, and the will to get it done. Let us show you how.



An Introduction to Self Publishing

(Coming Soon)

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