What better way to become an instant authority on real estate than to co-author your own book on real estate.

This is the perfect opportunity for any Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Investor, or any other Real Estate Professional.


We have just recently made available for licensing the entire content of our introductory real estate book. It is an introductory book explaining the basics of real estate and some basics about investing in real estate for the novice or beginners. It also talks about setting up a team such as realtor, mortgage broker, lawyer, etc. I think you might find it really interesting.


I think that every real estate professional should be writing a book on real estate that you could use for personal branding and as a sales tool. You could be the only real estate professional in your area who has written a book on real estate and you would become the instant go-to guy in the area. You would decimate any and all competition and generate many additional transactions. Rather than wasting business cards to find new clients, you can just hand out a book to your top prospects. Think of a book as if it were a business card on steroids. It is the single best marketing tool you could ever possibly use. Local groups would start asking you to speak at events because you are now an expert with a published book.


I am pretty sure you have the standard arguments why you could not do it right now. The main excuse people use is that they do not have the time required to write a book, they do not know how to do it, or they claim to be not very good writers. Then they also argue they do not know how to get it published. There are ways around all these excuses. The normal way someone gets around these excuses is to use a ghost writing service. You would dictate or just talk to a writer for some time, then the writer would write the book for you, and then you would get it published. This is a simple way to become a published author however it could cost at least $50,000 and would still take a fair bit of your time. This is one of the methods famous people use when they write their books.


What if I could show you how to become a published author for an introductory book on real estate and would take only a minimal amount of time on your part (literally only a couple of hours, if that). This is another method famous people use to write their own books and costs order of magnitude less than a ghost writer (you would not believe how affordable it can be). We can also probably obtain a monetary scholarship, bursary or grant to help pay for it. Is this something you would be interested in finding out more about?


Please contact us directly for more information about licencing the content of this book and being a co-author.

No need to write content. 

No need to agonize with writers block.

and No need to delay any longer.

All you will need to provide is the following:

– A picture of yourself

– A short biography of yourself For the back cover (max 100 words)

– A full biography of yourself for interior (About the Author) Photos may be included if you wish

– A Foreword if you choose to use one

– Full contact information to be included at numerous locations in the book (A business card works best for this)

– Any marketing materials you wish included in the book (eg. flyers you may currently be distributing)

– Any personalized Bonuses you wish to add (like free market evaluation)


We will produce and publish the book for you, and then make it available on line. We will provide you with  a way to order as many copies as you like at a minimal price. We will also apply and process your scholarship application which will pay for a significant portionh of the cost.



Please register to see the covers and full interior of the book.

You will then be sent through email a private link to preview the book.

So please provide a real email address.