Many of the barriers to publishing a book have crumbled in the last 10 years. But one barrier has not disappeared; rather it has become even worse — competition.

A well designed book is an incredibly important way to stand out from the competition. People judge books by covers. Readers, book reviewers, critics: whether or not they notice your book in the first place may depend on the quality of your cover.

People who design and test advertisements know that different designs can have dramatic, measurable impact on results. The same is true of book covers. There are many cases where a change in cover design has resulted in significant increases in sales volumes.

The layout of the book also affects its readability. And this may sound trivial, but an impressive book design can help an author feel a great deal of excitement about his or her book. This sense of pride and excitement is critical when it comes time to promote the book.

In addition to helping the book stand out from the competition, a professional designer ensures that the layout of the cover and the inside of the book meets all of the formatting requirements required by the various ebook and print-on-demand distribution channels.

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